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Muay Thai translated; `Boxing' (Muay) of Thailand (Thai), developed for close combat using 4 parts of the body (elbows, knees, hands, legs) as effective weapons. Muay Thai as a martial art has been in existence for more than 2000 years and has evolved as Thailand’s national sport - from the battlefield to the ring. From the steady realization that it is the most effective striking art for MMA, is now practiced around the world.

As a strong, independent sport, and with the increased popularity of Mixed Martial Arts MMA) Muay Thai has been sought out by the industry leaders in training to improve athletes overall skill, stamina, strength and cardiovascular conditioning.


Tone, strength, cardio, confidence, discipline and stress relief are just a handful of the amazing benefits of training traditional Muay Thai in Toronto. Do you feel like you need to drop a few pounds? Muay Thai offers a fun, challenging and effective alternative to ’the gym’. An average Muay Thai training session will burn roughly 800 to 1000 calories. That's more than double than spending an hour watching TV on the eliptical machine, and in the meantime you’ve increased focus, and targeted virtually every muscle group in your body.

Muscle tone, increased strength and weight loss aren’t the only benefits. Regularly training at Muay Thai in Toronto, at Toronto No Gi, fosters self discipline and confidence as well as helps to release stress. It takes self control and perseverance to master a technique.

Muay Thai becomes a lifestyle, transferring discipline and self confidence into your daily life. Day to day challenges can seem easier, unavoidable late night walks home become less daunting; and a terrible day at work melts away as you step up to the bags. Muay Thai is hands down one of the best fitness and lifestyle choices to make.

We once received a return call at Toronto No Gi about someone who declined to come back and try our Muay Thai program. The concern was that they felt they were thrown into a room full of professionals right off the bat. Little did they know, all but one person in the room has less than 6 months experience. Some with only two months experience. That is a wonderful testament to the Muay Thai instructors at Toronto No Gi!


Come experience our Muay Thai based in Toronto, and we’ll guarantee you’ll be hooked not only by its simplicity, and effectiveness, but also the incredible fitness value it has to offer.

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