• Toronto No GI brings a different flavor of BJJ to the city. 

    It is a very friendly and very relaxed atmosphere, while providing an environment where there is no lack of opportunities for you to improve and learn from both the instructors and each other. 

    In my 11 years in the sport, I have trained at different places across town and have not looked back since joining the No Gi family. It was a big inflection points on my technique and I learned a ton, while making great friends. In addition, there isn't a single day on the mats where I don't feel challenged and that I improve and learn something new. 

    Ian is a great guys and coach, with a deep level of insight in the sport. 

    Highly recommended.
    Leo B
  • A bit far from me but that's not a knock on Ian or the school itself. He runs a tight ship and for a big man, moves and inverts like someone half his size. Really difficult grappler to deal with. I haven't taken formal classes here - only do open mats, but there are a ton of talented students. If you're in or near midtown, it's a prime school to go to. Aesthetically speaking, it's also the nicest gym in Toronto by far. I know that seems relatively unimportant but the lightning and the black mats (which are high quality) adds a ton of enjoyment to the rolling experience. A lifetime of rolling in gyms with cheap fluorescent lighting will do that to people.

    One final thing about Ian - there are an uncomfortably high amount of people in BJJ who while skilled at BJJ are toxic people otherwise, Ian isn't one of them and neither are his students. You go to Toronto No Gi to grapple and hang out with some cool people.
  • Clean studio space easily accessible via TTC. Great crowd of individuals. Beginner friendly. Also... ONE OF THE FEW PLACES THAT CATERS TO NO GI! Most schools I go to usually have a 50/50 split between go and no gi and even that is rare. Ample mat space and that minimalistic studio vibe make this a great place to train.

    Ian's an amazing instructor. He could teach a rock how to leglock someone. His finishing mechanics and details are second to none. You know once you have something locked in under his tutelage, you're getting the submission.
    Michael Ahn
  • Great gym, High level BJJ No Gi. Ian is a superb and humble coach. The entire team is amazing.

    Fabien H.
  • Great school with great people!  I've visited the gym many times and it's always been very clean and friendly.  

    Ian is a very knowledgeable instructor with a great background under professor Robert Drysdale.

    Patricia V
  • As a Brit visiting Toronto for a few days, I still wanted to keep up my training. Toronto No Gi excels in welcoming newcomers and is my favourite gym in Canada. I highly recommend anyone going there.

    Liam H.
  • Another great place to train. Wish I could be there sooner!

    Lydiah I.

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